Sunday, October 31, 2010

Get your FREE Sample on! =)

Happy Halloween to everyone out there. I hope your Holiday has been super!  Been laying low here 2 sick boys and I was up all night. I'm sitting here watching Ghost Hunters Halloween Special and thought I'd throw some freebies out there for your viewing pleasure.

First we have a FREE Sample of Color Catchers. Boy do I love these things =) They have saved me more than a few times!

How about a FREE Measuring Tape.  I can never keep track of mine LOL Silly kids =)

Here's a great one for the Hubs out there. Tape Measure Pen! I'm thinking this would make a great stocking stuffer for Hunny! =)

As a suffer of asthma/COPD not the mention trying to fight hard to save the environment these SafeGuard products looks amazing!! Check them out!

How about sharing a cute little box of Kleenex with your friends! I sent a box to some people who are special to me =)
Oooo here's a free coffee cup from Digilake. I only have a couple coffee cups in the house and they are all Christmas cups! I'd love to have one without snowmen and Santa Clause LOL

Well there are a few freebies I found tonight. I think I'm gonna crawl into bed and watch Ghost Hunters from there. After being up all night with my sick boys I'm one tired Mama.
Goodnight & Sleep Tight,

Friday, October 29, 2010

Freebies ... Oh how I love thee =)

Ok, so it's Friday evening and I was looking around the www. for any news on some good freebies (Adrian is napping hee hee).
Well I came across a few I thought I'd throw out there.  Enjoy =)

Lawry's is letting people try their Seasoning Meal Packets!  I've never had a chance to try any Lawry's products and thought this was great. I can't wait to get mine =)
Lawry's   Grab your before they run out!

Oriental Trading is giving out free 2011 calendarrs Wooo Hooo  They look nice too =)
Free 2011 calendarr from Oriental Trading!


Thomas Coffee sample. Oh how I love coffee, especially FREE coffee =)


Touch n Go gift packs are available again! Woo hoo  Grab your before they're gone!

Touch & Go Gift pack!
Grab yours before they're gone!!


Betty Crocker FREE 2011 calendar.

Limited quanity grab yours fast! Betty Crocker 2011 Calander

TGIF! =)

Well it's Friday, I'm thankful. It's been a long week and I am grateful for the weekend. My Friday plans got all switched around. Cody was up very late not feeling well but he insisted he was going to school. He woke up feeling better still not 100% but today was Halloween party day at school. He was excited. Keisha is home from school again today. Not feeling well either but she seems to be doing better over the past couple hours.
When I went out to put Cody and Lexi on the bus and to my surprise I was left the wrong car today! YIKES! I was going crazy how was I to get the cupcakes to school. Thankfully my brother came to the rescue and took the cupcakes in for me! I'm missing the party and getting some great pictures but at least the little ones have their cupcakes =)
I've been busy this morning cleaning the disaster I made in the kitchen last night LOL  Such a little thing as cupcakes sure can make a mess. I sorted threw the dirty laundry so Hunny can take them off to be washed. How does a thing like laundry take up so much room? It's nice to see empty laundry baskets int he kids rooms, it doesn't take long for them to fill up again though LOL
What are your plans for the weekend?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Maple, cinnamon-sugar chicken

So I've been thinking about what to make for dinner tonight. I had to go threw what I had on hand. I need to get groceries bad! LOL So I came up with something I haven't made in a while...
Maple, cinnamon-sugar chicken tenders =) 

I haven't made them since this summer it's a usually requested dish for our B-B-Qs. Everyone loves them but they most certainly can be made in the house too!  These are so yummy I came up with the idea  a while back and they took off from there. Our friend Alden can't get enough of them hee hee! They're pretty simple to make also and can take one additions of 'hmm what's that' very well also. I've sometimes thrown in a little red pepper before for an added hmmm and it's wonderful.
This time I did the usual way I make them.

Here's all you need:
Chicken (whatever kind you like)
Maple syrup - enough to coat the chicken well,
Cinnamon-sugar enough to coat the chicken very well.

I haven't added any measurements because well... most of the time I don't measure anything and it all depends on how much chicken your using. So just kind of eyeball what you need it isn't a lot you need. Simple right. =)
Chicken tenders from the freezer,

Enough maple syrup to coat the chicken

A liberal sprinkling of cinnamon-sugar.

Let it sit to marinade (I'm doing mine early because I'm using frozen chicken but a good 2 hours will be enough.
When your ready to cook the chicken be sure to cook it low n slow there is a lot of sugar going on there and it will burn in seconds! Don't forget to add in all that yummy sauce that is with the chicken. I preheated a skillet with a little olive oil. If your grilling be sure to have the flame on low =)
Cook until the chicken is cooked threw, the sauce will thicken and create a glaze on the chicken.
Serve with your favorite side dish =)  Tonight I'm trying out some yummy looking rustic taters I found over at Domestically Obsessed!  They look sooo yummy =)

Hope you enjoy this recipe and try it out for yourself. If you do let me know! I'd love to hear how it came out =) Taste testing always welcome! Hee hee

The End!
Best Wishes,

Who has coffee on??

Oh you bet I do! What a night, I was up with Adrian late last night. He just did not want to go to sleep his schedule is so off right now. I'm trying hard to get him switched around but it's going to take a while. I just went up and woke him up slowly he's in a good mood and having a bubba. Keisha and Cody are both home from school today with sore throats. Yeah for cold and flu season (not!). Hope they're feeling better in a little while. Lexi went off to school like always happy as can be (it's crazy sock day today). She doesn't like missing school at all. She's the one who cries because she can't go the others cry because I want them too. It's funny how they're so different.
Tomorrow is the class Halloween parties at school. They're excited for those (I sure hope they're feeling better so they can go!). I need to make 2 dozen cupcakes for Lexi's class tonight. Need to ask my Mama to pick up some eggs for me though on her way home. I realized late last night I'm about out! How can I be out of eggs?! Sadly there is only 1 lonely egg in my frig right now. I had Lexi pick what kind to make, chocolate on chocolate as usual I don't know why I asked lol. I do have some really cute Halloween foils left over from last year so I will use those and some colorful sprinkles. They should come out great! 
Keisha is going Trick-or-Treating with a friend this year. This is the first year she won't be with us. She's getting so big 13 will be here before I know it. Hunny is going to take the little ones out while I stay home with the baby. At least that's the plan now.
My brother just stopped by and is letting me try a new Blackberry cell phone. I'm not a very tetchy person so this Blackberry stuff is all news to me. I know I'm so 10 years ago huh LOL. It's an older phone too I know there are so many new phones out there. Their names I couldn't even tell you but I will try out this Blackberry and see if I like it. I'm not one to text very much or anything like that so I'll just be using it as a regular phone. I think it's huge though I'm used to my little blue slide phone. If I do decide to use the Blackberry I might let Keisha use my slide.
So what's the plan for today?  I need to get some dishes done, organize the dirty laundry so Hunny can go to the laundry mat as wash it. No I do not have a washer or dryer at home, there are no hook-ups in the little apartment. We are looking to move though and it'd be like a dream to have a place that I can do laundry at home!  Eventually that perfect place will be found it's just going to take time. What else do I need to do today...  Figure out what I'm going to make for supper, new sheets on the beds and dust the downstairs. Cupcake making tonight. Then hopefully an early night with a rest full baby.
Hope your day is wonderful,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lets hop on some FREE samples!

I was looking around the web today (go figure LOL) but I came across some great freebies =)  YIPPY!
I told ya I love free stuff didn't I? .. I did ok.. I didn't want to leave that out hee hee.
Well here's a a few that caught my eye. Check them out!  If the links don't work just copy & paste. I'm awful at links LOL  Enjoy =)

Tom's of Maine is giving away some samples of their awesome toothpaste. Who doesn't need extra toothpaste right. I know we go threw it like crazy.

Winter is coming and so is dry skin. I know that's very true for me. Everyday Health along with Vaseline are giving away sample of their Intensive Rescue® lotion. Sounds good to me. =)

Breathe Right is giving away a sample. Hmmm I wonder if they would help with Hunny's snoring... We'll see =)

Hello from the Kitchen =)

Hey all, just Chris here. I've decided to start a new blog and I hope to make this blog more productive than my other. I'm expanding my blogs direction. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to do this. I love blogging and can't stop myself from reading others. I have a whole list of blogs that I read daily, yes daily can you tell I love them?! Hee hee =) 
I love all aspects of crafting .. anything from cooking & baking (yes I consider that a craft), decorating my home, I love reusing things to make them into something special. I sew, I draw, I'm really into anything old, furniture, vintage cookware, dishes, nicknack's all of it catches my eye. I'm really into the primitive county look. I just wish my house was big enough to hold everything I find LOL
Spending time with family and friends is very important to me. I love having people over. My children are my world I have 4. Keisha is 12, Cody just turned 8, Lexi is 6 and my baby boy Adrian just turned 8 months. They all keep me busy but I wouldn't change a thing. I've been married to Hunny for almost 9 years now even though it feels like yesterday sometimes =)
So with that all said I hope my new ideas spread to all corners of the earth.. Ok, well maybe inspire others to break out of the box a little.  Although if anyone wants to do my dishes for me I'm more than game for that... LOL
Check back soon I'll be posting as much as possible. If my ears or eyes catch any great deals or freebies know I will spread the word. If I make up any new yummy foods they'll be here you can count on it. If my day is boring and uneventful, well I'll just letcha know =)  I really do hope this blog of mine makes it's way to other computer screens hee hee.
Best Wishes for a wonderful day =)