Thursday, October 28, 2010

Maple, cinnamon-sugar chicken

So I've been thinking about what to make for dinner tonight. I had to go threw what I had on hand. I need to get groceries bad! LOL So I came up with something I haven't made in a while...
Maple, cinnamon-sugar chicken tenders =) 

I haven't made them since this summer it's a usually requested dish for our B-B-Qs. Everyone loves them but they most certainly can be made in the house too!  These are so yummy I came up with the idea  a while back and they took off from there. Our friend Alden can't get enough of them hee hee! They're pretty simple to make also and can take one additions of 'hmm what's that' very well also. I've sometimes thrown in a little red pepper before for an added hmmm and it's wonderful.
This time I did the usual way I make them.

Here's all you need:
Chicken (whatever kind you like)
Maple syrup - enough to coat the chicken well,
Cinnamon-sugar enough to coat the chicken very well.

I haven't added any measurements because well... most of the time I don't measure anything and it all depends on how much chicken your using. So just kind of eyeball what you need it isn't a lot you need. Simple right. =)
Chicken tenders from the freezer,

Enough maple syrup to coat the chicken

A liberal sprinkling of cinnamon-sugar.

Let it sit to marinade (I'm doing mine early because I'm using frozen chicken but a good 2 hours will be enough.
When your ready to cook the chicken be sure to cook it low n slow there is a lot of sugar going on there and it will burn in seconds! Don't forget to add in all that yummy sauce that is with the chicken. I preheated a skillet with a little olive oil. If your grilling be sure to have the flame on low =)
Cook until the chicken is cooked threw, the sauce will thicken and create a glaze on the chicken.
Serve with your favorite side dish =)  Tonight I'm trying out some yummy looking rustic taters I found over at Domestically Obsessed!  They look sooo yummy =)

Hope you enjoy this recipe and try it out for yourself. If you do let me know! I'd love to hear how it came out =) Taste testing always welcome! Hee hee

The End!
Best Wishes,


  1. Oooh, this sounds absolutely scrumptious. I've never heard of cinnamon sugar. Sorry to ask an obvious question but is it just sugar mxed with cinnamon?


  2. Yep, it is just regular sugar mixed together with cinnamon. I keep it in a shaker in the cupboard always my kids really like it sprinkled on buttered toast. I like mixing in things you wouldn't expect I put maple syrup in my meatloaf too =)