Friday, October 29, 2010

TGIF! =)

Well it's Friday, I'm thankful. It's been a long week and I am grateful for the weekend. My Friday plans got all switched around. Cody was up very late not feeling well but he insisted he was going to school. He woke up feeling better still not 100% but today was Halloween party day at school. He was excited. Keisha is home from school again today. Not feeling well either but she seems to be doing better over the past couple hours.
When I went out to put Cody and Lexi on the bus and to my surprise I was left the wrong car today! YIKES! I was going crazy how was I to get the cupcakes to school. Thankfully my brother came to the rescue and took the cupcakes in for me! I'm missing the party and getting some great pictures but at least the little ones have their cupcakes =)
I've been busy this morning cleaning the disaster I made in the kitchen last night LOL  Such a little thing as cupcakes sure can make a mess. I sorted threw the dirty laundry so Hunny can take them off to be washed. How does a thing like laundry take up so much room? It's nice to see empty laundry baskets int he kids rooms, it doesn't take long for them to fill up again though LOL
What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Hello,
    Thank you following my blog, I am now following you, that chicken recipe looks so good and easy I will have to try it.

  2. Hi Barbara, Thanks for the follow back. =) The chicken recipe is very easy but it's one of those things that taste like they took forever. My family loves it! If you do try it let me know how you liked it!
    Take Care =)

  3. Thanks for stopping by our blog!! Cute blog you have here! That chicken looks yummy!! Have a nice weekend!! Look forward to you stopping by again!!

    Julie and Adele
    The Coupon Cents Sisters