Saturday, November 6, 2010

Crazy Saturday!

Hi all!
        Well today is not what I expected it would be. My wonderful mother in law came over while Hunny and I went to go look at another rental. Not expecting it to be anything special. We were quite surprised. The place didn't look very special from the outside, it needs some sprucing up but when you get inside it's pretty nice! It has 3 bedrooms! I haven't had my own bedroom in 13 years. I know that sounds strange to a lot of people but we've done what needed to be done. Best of all the master bedroom is larger than my living room is now!!  I honestly don't know what I'd do with all that space! The living room is almost twice the size as my current living room. The room that would be the girls bedroom has nice built ins and a vanity/desk. The room that would be for the boys is very small but enough room for a bunk bed (once Adrian gets old enough, till then he'll be with me). The dining room has built in cupboards and is plenty big enough for my large dining set. The kitchen has oodles of cupboards plenty of counter space and a pantry. The home is all 1 level which would be so much easier for me with my bum leg and bad back. I wouldn't have to worry about falling down the stairs (over and over again). It has washer and dryer hook-ups! It's really just perfect for our needs inside. The owner said we'd be more than welcome to plant flowers. Best of all...  He's willing to work with us with move in expenses!!  How awesome is that!!  Of course just like a lot of others money is tight. This man is willing to help us out and he's very friendly too. I'm pretty excited that we could passably be moving into a new place! He's just gonna run a background check and references the normal checks they do. The kids would still all be in the same schools, it's 2 minutes away from my Mama. I'm really trying not to get my hopes up though even though it's so hard! Something always happens when we try to do something like this. So cross your fingers for us I hope we're able to get this place! I'd appreciate it! =)
     I didn't get all my house cleaning done today that I wanted to. There's always tomorrow though. There really isn't too much to be done just want to get some things done. Just think though.. maybe I'll get the chance to go threw EVERYTHING while I pack to move =) There I go with the hoping again LOL 
     Well I really should be getting myself to bed here pretty soon. Lots that I really have to get done tomorrow. Don't forget Day Light Savings Time tonight, set those clocks back =)
Hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday,


  1. Good Luck house hunting! Isn't it fun! And enjoy that extra hour sleep, I hope I will...unless of course it is ruined by the kids, waking up bright and early! lol! Thanks for linking up at my blog hop! I am following you!

  2. I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt. It's nice to see other homes. I do have to say it gets stressful sometimes. I really like the place we looked at yesterday, just hope nothing gets screwed up. Thanks for the follow =)

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