Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Parent/Teacher conference day =)

Well today is parent teacher conference day at the elementary school/ no school for the kiddo's. I had my meetings with Cody and Lexi's teachers. They both went well. I am so excited. Both teachers like how they both look out for each other =) Makes me happy to know they only fight at home LOL  They both got great grades too! I was a little worried about Cody's English grade but he did well. We won't get Keisha's report card till Friday and I'm hoping for great progress as well.
Today is my Mama's day off from work and she's spending the day here =)  She's making a huge beef stew for everyone to share. It already smells so yummy, I can't wait till supper time.
Adrian just learned how to crawl so needless to say I'm on my toes today he's all over the place. I'll be picking up a couple baby gates this weekend. Don't need him crawling up the stairs or into the kitchen where he could get hurt. I'm also going to get some outlet plugs while I'm at it. It's been a while since I've had to baby proof the house.
Cody is finally feeling better and I think he'll be going to school tomorrow. Adrian has gotten a cough now so I'm watching him closely for weezing. He's still stuffed up though. Hoping he'll be feeling better in the next day or two. So far the girls are both feeling fine, I'm thankful for that!
Well I'm off to crawl around my floor to look for baby boo boo spots. Then I'll be back online searching for some more samples and deals.
Hope your day is wonderful,

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