Friday, November 12, 2010

Sorry for no posting!

Just wanted to check in. Sorry I have been MIA for the past couple days. A lovely stomach bug made it's way threw the house. Boy that wasn't fun! Everyone is feeling better now thank goodness. It was only one of those 24 hour bugs but boy did it kick some booty.
I'll be doing some deal searching this evening seeing what deals I can find out there. Especially with the holidays coming every penny counts. We've already told the kids this Christmas is going to be very small. Money is very tight and the potential move added on to that makes it worse. Everyone is excited to move though. We found a place that would be perfect! Just waiting to hear from the landlord who is a super nice guy. We are hopeful we finally found our new home! Now it's just the waiting game which makes me so nervous LOL
So I'm off to go run some errands. Frozen pizza for supper tonight the kids are excited. Thankful I don't have an alarm clock waking me up in the morning =)
More to come later,

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